Friday, 23 February 2018

The Battle for Hexagon 21 / Dragon Rampant Battle Report

ancient greeks

Last year in May, while Borussia Dortmund played against Eintracht Frankfurt in the Olympiastadion in Berlin, Krüger and I were standing at a table in my small flat in Kreuzberg and fought for hexagon 21 on our campaign map. We used the ruleset Dragon Rampant to play out the battle between the Greeks under the command of Foibos and Gurkbatz’ Orcs. It was the 27th of May.

We started a bit late, around 9 PM, and had two visitors, Hendrik and Joaquín, who watched us set up the terrain. It consisted of five pieces of jungle, two swamps, a couple of rocks and a large red mushroom. Hendrik and Joaquín had a lot of questions, like "Are the rocks real?" and "Can the little stones under the model trees be coconuts?"

Joaquín and Hendrik

We played the same army lists like last time. I had to deploy first and did so in the following order, as seen from my side of the table:

Light Riders (Short Range Missiles) / Heavy Foot / Elite Foot (Leader + Enchanted Weapon) / Scouts / Light Missiles / Heavy Foot

Krüger then deployed his orcs like this, seen from my perspective, and moved first:

Bellicose Foot / Light Foot / Elite Foot (Leader) / Bellicose Foot / Light Riders (Short Range Missiles) / Heavy Riders

When I started to write this battle report, I looked at my notes and got lost. Dragon Rampant looks simple, but I still need time to master it, I guess.

So I asked Krüger: Do you remember what happened? I can’t see the wood for the trees.

hoplites and slingers

Krüger sent me a very detailed battle report. Please skip it, if you don’t speak German.

Die Griechen machten sich bereit für den Angriff der Orks. Ihre rechte Flanke wurde von einer Einheit Hopliten beschützt, direkt neben diesen machten sich die Schleuderer bereit. Das Zentrum hielt der General mit seiner Einheit, unterstützt von den Scouts und einer weiteren Einheit Hopliten. Die leichte Kavalerie sicherte die linke Flanke.
Die Orks konzentrierten ihre schnellen Einheiten auf ihrer linken Flanke, mit den Wildschweinreitern und den Wolfsreitern. Das Zentrum besetzte eine Einheit Ork Krieger, der Orkboss und die Nachtgoblins. Die rechte Flanke wurde von einer weiteren Einheit Orks abgesichert.
Beide Armeen rückten zunächst vor, die Orks etwas schneller und begieriger auf den Kampf und sich mehr auf die linke Flanke konzentrierend.
Dann begannen die Orks den Angriff mit den Wildschweinreitern. Diese stürzten sich auf die Hopliten, welche sich aber schon mit einem Schildwall geschützt hatten. Im darauf folgenden Gefecht schlugen die Hopliten die Wildschweinreiter mit Leichtigkeit zurück, welche daraufhin erst einmal ihre Wunden leckten.
Während die Wolfsreiter sich in Position brachten, wurde der Vormarsch der Orks im Zentrum erst einmal von den Schleuderern gestoppt, welche die Orks mit ihrem Beschuss kurzzeitig zur Flucht zwangen.
Doch auch die Schleuderer waren nicht vor Furcht gefeit und flohen vor dem Beschuss der Wolfsreiter, sammelten sich wieder und wurden doch letztlich vom Schlachtfeld vertrieben!
In der Zwischenzeit rückten endlich auch die Orks auf der rechten Flanke vor und griffen die leichte Kavallerie der Griechen an. Diese erlitt schwere Verluste und zog sich erst einmal von der Flanke zurück.
Um die Orks nun von der Flanke abzuhalten, brachten sich die Hopliten aus dem Zentrum in Position und nahmen die Schildwall Formation an.
Die Orkkrieger prallten zunächst vom Schildwall ab, schafften es aber mit viel Glück im zweiten Anlauf die Hopliten zu vernichten.
Inzwischen war allerdings die Ork Einheit in der Mitte durch den Beschuss der Scouts vom Schlachtfeld vertrieben worden. Foibos und seine Einheit griffen die Goblins an, welche sich durch einen Schildwall schützten und nur geringe Verluste erlitten, aber zurück gedrängt wurden.
Auf der linken Flanke sah es nun so aus, als ob die Orks sie komplett vernichten würden. Die Wolfsreiter brachen die Hopliten, und die Wildschweinreiter mussten nur noch angreifen und sie vernichten! Doch ausgerechnet in diesem Moment stritten diese untereinander und verpassten ihre Gelegenheit! Durch dieses Vorkommen konnten sich auch die Goblins nicht mehr zu einem Schildwall umformieren und wurden daraufhin von Foibos und seinen Mannen vernichtet.
Die Hopliten versuchten nun die Wolfsreiter anzugreifen, aber diese nutzten ihre überlegene Geschwindigkeit, um diesen zu entkommen. Nun griffen die Wildschweinreiter doch an, aber viel zu spät. In der Folge brachen sie und flohen vom Schlachtfeld. Die Wolfsreiter schafften es aber nun, die schwer angeschlagenen Hopliten zu vertreiben.
Währenddessen marschierten die beiden Generäle in der Mitte aufeinander zu, und auf der linken Flanke stieß die griechische leichte Kavallerie dazu.
Die Entscheidung stand nun kurz bevor! Auf der linken Flanke beschossen sich die Wolfsreiter, Scouts und leichte Kavallerie, während die Generäle in der Mitte kämpften.
Durch den Kampf abgelenkt, schaffte der Orkboss es nicht, die verbleibende große Einheit Orks in das Zentrum zu befehlen. Während die Wolfsreiter die leichte Kavallerie der Griechen vernichtete, schlugen die Generäle weiter aufeinander ein, und beider Leben hing nur noch an einem seidenen Faden.
Zuletzt jedoch fiel der Orkboss unter Foibos Speer, und die Schlacht war vorbei! Die Griechen hatten es mit letzter Kraft geschafft, die Orks zurückzuschlagen!
So what happened?

My basic strategy was to put the two units of hoplites into a shieldwall formation and position the slingers and scouts where they could shoot at the attacking orcs. 

ancient greeks vs orcs

Shooting worked. My slingers and scouts were able to destroy an orc warband (bellicose foot) in the center early in the game.

Thing is I didn’t know what to do with my light riders.

ancient greeks vs orcs

I ended up using them to bring the orc warband on my left flank close enough to the hoplites, so they had to attack them (wild charge).

Maybe this wasn’t such a bad plan, but unfortunately the orc warband destroyed the hoplites. Then I moved the light riders half-heartedly to my right flank where they were destroyed in the end.

Krüger, on the other hand, used his light riders much better. He combined them with another cavalry unit on my right flank, a unit of boar riders, and attacked early on.

At first Krüger’s boar riders (heavy riders) were stopped by the hoplites in shieldwall formation, but his wolf riders (light riders) managed to destroy my slingers. Then the wolf riders shot at the hoplites. The hoplites suffered some casualties and had to flee, thus loosing their shieldwall formation. They were attacked by the boar riders a second time and both units were battered and destroyed later.

In the center Foibos and his companions (elite foot) attacked a unit of night goblins (light foot) and destroyed them.

Then Gurkbatz (elite foot) attacked Foibos. This fight felt a bit like a penalty shoot-out. It went on for several rounds. First Gurkbatz lost a strength point, then Foibos, then Gurkbatz …

At the end Gurkbatz was slain.

There were only four units left on the battlefield: Foibos (elite foot) and a unit of Thracian scouts on my side. A battered orc warband (bellicose foot) and the goblin wolf riders on Krüger’s side.

The game ended. Now the Greeks from Kalimera occupy hexagon 21 on the campaign map.

campaign map

By the way, Borussia Dortmund won 2:1, thus winning the DFB Pokal, but a week later Thomas Tuchel, their trainer lost his job.

Maybe this will happen to young Foibos one day … He doesn’t get along too well with his boss, strategos Heracleides.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Puschel Wuschel / Monster Man Contest / Gurps Stats

puschel wuschel

Lina (9), my daughter, wrote and drew a monster for the first Monster Man contest.

Puschel Wuschel

They live in a land made of cloth. Everything is made of cloth: houses, streets, trees, even the cemetery.

If you annoy them, attack them or offend them, they become very large and eat you.

If you protect them, they come and live with you. But remember to always treat them well or they will eat you.

They defend themselves without weapons, only with monster powers. 

They glow in the dark, learn very fast and everything they have is soft and cuddly.

a cheap toy

Stats for Gurps:

ST: 5 / 15   DX: 12   IQ: 12   HT: 9

HP: 5 / 15   Will: 12   Per: 12   FP: 9

Speed: 5.25   Move: 5

Dodge: 8      DR: 2

SM: -4 / +1

Bite (14): 1d-5 cutting / 1d cutting

Claws (14): 1d-4 crushing / 1d+1 crushing 

TraitsBlunt Claws; Constriction Attack; Eidetic Memory; Growth 5 (Maximum Size Only, Trigger, Unconscious, Uncontrollable); Language Talent; No Fine Manipulators; Sharp Teeth; Stress Atavism (Severe).  

Skills: Brawling-14

Notes: Glows in the dark.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Gurkbatz the Lonely Orc Living on a Tropical Island


I am going to take a coffee ☕️ to practice inking with my new pens. Anyone need a illustration to use in a actual game (or for a zine or blog)? A single characters, item or creature would be cool.

Herr Zinnling:

It would be great if you'd draw Gurkbatz, an orc living on the coast of the tropical island Waltrop. He is big, very aggressive, desperate, sad and has lots of scars, maybe even chopped off body parts, like a missing ear or thumb.

He is one of the main characters in a tabletop campaign I’m currently playing, using the rulesets Dragon Rampant and Hordes of the Things.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

One Page Dungeon Contest Youth Prize


Some months ago, Lina (9), Hendrik (7) and Joaquín (5) wrote Bubble Guble Super Raum, a dungeon for the One Page Dungeon Contest, and won one of the youth prizes.

Robbers & Robots

Mountain of Mirrors

They received a parcel from Wayne's Books with three books: "Robbers and Robots" and "Mountain of Mirrors", two D&D Endless Quest Books, and 
"Rebel Planet", a Fighting Fantasy game book.

Thank you!

dungeon business cards

They also enjoyed a lot playing with the dungeon business cards that were in the parcel, which I believe were drawn by Dyson Logos.


In one of the books we found a strange card which says "tippy top hat's" and "Keith Hack, can I help you".

Keith Hack, can I help you

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Super Hero Mugs


I have 3 super hero coffee cups and an Aquaman T-Shirt.

I like The Thing. Probably because his skin is divided into hexagons and I really like hexagons.

My youngest son likes Hulk and always wants to know: who is stronger? Hulk or The Thing?

That’s what children do, right? Compare their strengths. I grew up with a handicapped brother who couldn’t move on his own or say anything. So I wouldn’t know.

Looking at the Hulk mug ("DON’T MAKE ME ANGRY!!!") and at the The Thing mug ("THIS MAN … THIS MONSTER!"), I assume both super heroes are very strong. If they would get into a fight, they'd probably both end up in hospital.


A couple of months ago I got fed up with the Flash mug. Something about its design started to bother me. So I put it on Ebay and replaced it with two other cups I found on Redbubble. They show an owl bear and a landshark, drawn by the Brazilian artist menterart.

I haven’t sold the Flash mug yet. You need a lot of patience 
to sell things on Ebay.

And the T-shirt? Once I tried to convince the friends I play badminton with, that we should all play Badminton in super hero T-shirts. So I got the Aquaman T-Shirt.


My friends think I look embarrassing as Aquaman. That’s why Florian gave me a proper Badminton T-shirt for my birthday, which was about 80 days ago. I also got a box of "Wild about Nerds" candy. Thank you, Florian!

Wild about Nerds

Looking at the pictures now, despite all the thoughts other people and I have put into this so far, I’m not sure if there is much difference between the first two pictures and the third picture. 

What can I do?

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Mud Huts

5 mud huts

I’m currently working on 5 mud huts. Inspired by the classic 40K scenario 'Seize Ground' where you have to roll for D3+2 objectives, I want to use them as objectives for Dragon Rampant. I think this will be fun.

mud hut

Progress on the mud huts has been a bit slow, partly because the house I live in doesn’t have a roof at moment. This causes several "real life" problems.

real life problems

I have to deal with metal objects falling onto our balcony every other day and my "Arbeitszimmer", ähh … how do you call that in English? My study has already been flooded three times.

mud hut

Never mind. I hope to finish the mud huts soon.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Bubble Guble Super Raum / One Page Dungeon Contest

Lina (8), Hendrik (6) and Joaquín (4) wrote a dungeon adventure. This is our entry for the ONE PAGE DUNGEON CONTEST 2017I hope it is useful or playable or whatever …


1 In the middle of the room you see a commode in Louis XIV style. If you open one of the drawers, you find two purses. Inside of them are three coins, two chicken wings and two lives. If you don’t watch out, a troll with a chainsaw and chainsaw teeth will kill you.

chainsaw troll

2 A dead camel.

3 There are a lot of keys scattered on the floor and beetles crawling around. Room 3 is full of treasures. Some treasures have beetles inside and some beetles have treasures inside.

4 Room 4 is called Bubble Guble Super Raum. Pink bubbles are floating in the air. If they burst, you die. You meet Sofie, the elf. She says: Warzenschwein führt dich heim, nach vorne, dann links und rechts. (Wart-hog takes you home, go straight ahead, turn left, then right.)

There is an invisible secret passage with a trap between room 4 and room 5. If you fall into the trap, you will never get out again.

5 There is a giant wart-hog. It’s called Hulk Schweinekotz. It has attackers on its back. One of them has three eyes and no mouth. Another one has a long neck and feet, a muzzle and two eyes. And a funny nose. I can tell you that. On the floor there is a bowl of muesli. If you eat the muesli, you will become a super hero and you can fly through the whole world in three seconds. You will develop a lot of muscles and you can knock off ten thousand attackers with one finger. And shoot red bolts out of your eyes.