Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Last year I played 24 tabletop games, 9 games of 40K, 5 games of Warhammer Fantasy and 10 games of HOTT. Eight of these games were team games.

I played 22 times with Krüger, 8 times with Jörg, twice with Patrick and once with Sven and Andi.

I won 16 games and lost 8 games.

I played Gurps once.

toucan jaguar parrots

This year we want to start a combined Warhammer / HOTT / Gurps campaign. The theme will be tropical islands. Maybe Jörg and Krüger will paint some Amazon Indians, man-eating plants or at least a tapir?

We also want to start playing the 6th edition of 40K.

And I want to play Gurps with my kids. 

Happy new year!


  1. I definitely need to give HOTT a try.

    1. Please do! It's a great game, simple, clever and non-commercial.

      There is a lot of useful information about it on the Fanaticus forum:

      If you are ever in Berlin, please contact me, so we can have a game.

      (I play Hordes of the Things on a 120 mm x 120 mm board with single based 28 mm miniatures put on regiment bases that have a base width of 80 mm.)