Thursday, 22 January 2015

Rocket Science

I think, in general war-gamers don’t like it when non-wargaming stuff appears on wargaming blogs. Please keep on reading. This is wargaming-related in a strange way.

After play-testing Aaron Overton’s ruleset WarEngine a couple of days ago, which took about three hours, Krüger stayed for dinner. We went to the supermarket and bought a Czech Budweiser for Marjorie, a non-alcoholic beer for me and an artificially flavored yoghurt drink for Krüger. It came in a large white plastic bottle.

My son Hendrik tried the yoghurt drink and enjoyed it so much that it became his favorite drink that night. After dinner Hendrik asked Krüger to build a rocket for him. This is the result:

scratch built rocket

Then Hendrik asked about an astronaut for the rocket. I said that it is possible to make astronauts from the cardboard they had used to make parts of the rocket. I said I could do this, but that we should postpone the project, as it was already getting late. Krüger said that I was bragging in front of my children and that only a genius could make a figure out of cardboard that resembled a human being. He said: „You already have difficulties making human figures out of green stuff.“

This reminded me of another situation. A couple of years ago, Krüger and I were sitting at our kitchen table. Krüger was painting space marines and I was sculpting two horses.

green stuff horse 2

Janitz, one of Marjorie’s friends, who had come over to see her, asked if I had sculpted the space marines. Krüger replied: „No! Of course not. If Karl had sculpted the space marines, he would be a genius.“ (Please keep in mind that Krüger isn’t four years old like my son.)

Now, I don’t think a lot of people would consider me a genius if I could make space marines from cardboard, but somehow I’m tempted to do this now. It would gain me the respect of Krüger and Hendrik, I guess.

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