Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Chaos Space Marines versus Space Marines / 40K Battle Report / 1250 points

The other day I asked Krüger to bring his entire Space Marine Army and he brought: a captain, a terminator squad, a dreadnought, 2 tactical squads, a scout squad, a drop pod and a stormraven, a total of 1250 points.


I played Chaos Space Marines: a winged daemon prince, a chaos lord with a daemon weapon, 2 units of plague marines, a rhino, 3 obliterators and a summoned greater daemon.


Being very laid back old school gamers, we used the 5th edition of 40K as a ruleset. The scenario was capture and control / dawn of war.

turn 1

My daemon prince wiped out Krüger’s scout squad in close combat.

In Krüger’s shooting phase, his dreadnought destroyed my rhino, so the chaos lord and 9 plague marines had to leave the burning vehicle. Krüger fired a twin-linked plasma cannon, 2 melters, a storm cannon, 4 storm bolters and 10 bolters at them and managed to kill 2 plague marines. Then Krüger’s terminators attacked the same unit and killed the chaos lord in close combat. None of the terminators survived. (I rolled a 6 for the daemon weapon.)

turn 2

My obliterators arrived, fired 3 lascannons at the stormraven, landed a glancing hit and immobilised the vehicle. I attacked the tactical squad of space marines next to Krüger’s objecive with my plague marines and lost another 4 of them.

Krüger’s drop pod landed close to the objective on my side and 10 space marines disembarked. Then Krüger’s stormraven shot all of his weapons at my obliterators, including 4 bloodstrike missiles, and killed 2 of them.

turn 3

Next to the objective on my side a plague champion was transformed into a greater daemon. Nevertheless only 4 of the 10 plague marines, which were supposed to guard the objective, survived close combat. Next to Krüger’s objective my winged daemon prince was able to attack and kill 3 space marines.

drop pod

In Krüger’s shooting phase, I lost my last obliterator. Damn. 

turn 4

The greater daemon destroyed Krüger’s tactical squad.

In Krüger’s shooting phase, the stormraven shot down another one of my plague marines, so only one plague marine survived next to my objective. (I had already lost the other unit, but I don’t remember when. Probably in turn 3.)

turn 5

Krüger’s captain killed my winged daemon prince in close combat and what was left of his tactical squat reached the objective on his side.

space marines

Then the dreadnought shot down my last plague marine. Krüger won the battle 1:0. Grrrrrr …


  1. Sounds like a great game - quick and bloody, with lots of action right off the bat.
    It sounds like your Greater Daemon has a good run... even if it wasn't enough in the end.

    Well, better luck next time, Ruinous Powers.

    1. Thanks. Yeah. The game was fun. The Greater Daemon is quite a beast, but no match for a Stormraven, I guess.