Thursday, 26 November 2015

Foam Board Hexagons

I'm currently working on something quite boring. I have two boxes, filled with 150 hexagons cut out of foam board.

2 boxes

They are large enough to put several 28 mm miniatures on them. I want to use the hexagons to play Commands & Colors and to make my own strategy game.

28 mm hoplites

Therefore I'm glueing colored paper onto them. This is a complicated technique which takes a lot of time.

glueing colored paper onto form board hexagons

The other day I told Krüger: "Krüger, I started to work on the hexagons again." He said: "After a couple of years, some projects come to a point where you just need to give up."

Here in Berlin, where I live, late autumn is cold and dark and many of my friends become gloomy and loose their energy.


  1. Does Herr Krüger doubt your tenacity?

    You must forge ahead and show him otherwise! Excelsior!
    ; )

  2. Think how impressed he will be when you show him the completed project!

  3. Persevere with your geometrical plans!
    I'm looking forward to hearing more about the game that you're developing.

  4. Thanks for your motivating comments, gentlemen!

  5. Special projects need special efforts...