Tuesday, 3 May 2016

74,54 m² / One Page Dungeon Contest

This is my entry for the ONE PAGE DUNGEON CONTEST 2016.

74,54 m²

1 To enter this dungeon you need to open a heavy wooden door guarded with two locks and a chain, either forcefully or using your mad lock-picking skills. There are a lot of shoes on the floor. Don’t trip. Coats and bags hang on the walls. It’s a mess. You see a vacuum cleaner and a washing machine.

2 A room cramped with pots, dishes, spices, rice and noodles, flour and tea. There is an oven, a large blue fridge and an old table with five chairs. The fridge is filled with milk, cheese and eggs, carrots, zucchinis and apples.

3 A very small bathroom with a bathtub and a shower. According to Phil Barker the Sumerians believed that Mukil-resh-lemutti, winged demons with the head of a lion, preyed on humans in washrooms, hiding in the latrine. The demons of headaches. Here you will only encounter some silverfish, fleeing to holes in the wall.

4 There are three small beds in this room. Cupboards and colorful boxes are filled with clothes and toys, part of the stuff made its way to the floor. A large pink plush dog with purple stars on its paws looks at you with googly eyes.

5 A large bed, an old fashioned closet, a clothes horse, more toys. Newspapers pile up on a piano.

herr zinnling

You are attacked by a man wearing a green T-shirt and orange boxer shorts. He woke up by the noise you made breaking into his house and uses a Japanese kitchen knife and the lid of a pot to defend himself.

6 Two desks, several shelves, framed pictures of a Greek port, a lot of books, board games, CDs, envelopes and cartons, a wet towel hanging over a conga, a red locker filled with 263 painted and 321 unpainted miniatures, a Commodore video monitor (model 1701), photography equipment, an orchid, a plywood double bass and several computers.

7 There is a creature hiding in this room, smoking an electric cigarette. "Well. The One Page Dungeon Contest? What is this all about?", it says. "I like the idea of the man with the kitchen knife. But that’s the only original, entertaining idea I find here. How about including some classic D&D monsters? Like an owl bear, a carrion crawler or a thought eater?  What is this anyway? An instruction to break into a house? Well. Go back to room 6 and steal some things or to room 2 if you are out of food. And stop bothering me."


  1. I think I've mastred the dungeon serval times

    1. Did you ever make it to room 7?

    2. Then you must at least be a level 4 adventurer with lots of experience points!

  2. As I roam this dungeon for so many years I can present you the corresponding Random Encounter Table. Whenever you enter a room roll a D6. On a 6 you encounter the following...

    Roll again a D6.

    1. When you enter the room you hear a gentle snoring. The snoring comes from a creature with long black hair sleeping on a white sofa. You decide to leave the room as quiet as you can tiptoeing to another room.

    2. On a small table you find a plate with fresh baked warm bread and some vegetables in garlic. Hungry as you are you eat everything. You can restore 1 Hit Point but due to the garlic your Charisma is reduced by -3 for the rest of this adventure.

    3. You encounter D3 Gremlins. They are shouting, jumping around and throwing balls against your head. When you rout them you will find a box full of precious Star Wars Legos.

    4. You stumble over a large rubber bed. Two strange creatures jump out of it, scream madly and disapear into the darkness. When you search the bed you will find a worn out black and yellow BVB scarf.

    5. Sneaking through the dark you step at a small parcel. When you pick it up you can see that it was send from the UK to somebody who seems to be the Dungeon Master. Inside you discover five beautifully painted miniatures. Each of them has a value of 100 gold pieces or 100 Euro.

    6. In the middle of the room stands a small fuzzy creature with yellow fur. The creature calls itself Sid and instantly starts to insult you in very expressive words. He is very loud so you decide to leave the room as fast as you can. In the next room you discover that the creature stole all your money.

    1. That's a useful random encounter table. Great stuff.

    2. By the way... Great idea! :-)